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The Loud Shack

I was a product photographer for a local dispensary in Riverside, CA. The scope of the project was to capture an up close photo of the merchandise and to design a product shot to be displayed on the platform Weedmaps. I was also given free license to exercise my creativity and to showcase the product …

Casa Michoacan

Casa Michoacan

Casa Michoacán, is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of cultural, social, sporting activities and between the Mexican and immigrant Michoacán community with a transnational vision. When they moved there inventory from their Santa Fe location to San Diego I was in charge of photographing there inventory and getting the images ready for …


Match made in Heaven

Being the photographer on set was such an honor. Especially the chance to work with Andrew Glassman. He was an amazing Director to work with and really helped me to understand what he wanted captured and to be at the right spot to film the best moments.   “This experience was life changing, and also showed …


Los Angeles Natural History Museum

One of my favorite museums to visit is the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. On this visit I decided to bring my camera and capture some images of dinosaurs. It always amazes me to see the up close size of these wonderful creatures. “After all these years I still get excited to see dinosaurs, and …

Lauren wedding

Lauren’s Wedding

Lauren’s wedding was a beautiful experience from start to finish. Getting to be the photographer was an honor and the friends and family where so happy to be part of her special day. The wedding was done in Coronado, San Diego and the day had picture perfect weather. We had three different locations to film …

Randy and Osi

Randy & Osi’s Wedding

I was hired to film Randy and Osi’s wedding. This wedding was held in a private residence in San Diego and had the perfect ambiance for their special ceremony. “The energy at Randy and Osi’s wedding was magical and and their Love was undeniably beautiful.”

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

For a Real estate agent one of their greatest tools for sales is media. It can be pictures or an in home tour. In assisting my friend thats an agent I was hired to capture photos of the interior and exterior of this beautiful home. They also wanted photos of the amenities that came with …

The Getty

The Getty Museum

If you have never been to The Getty Museum in LA, then you my friend are missing out on a art experience of a life time. From the gardens to all of the different art exhibits this place has a permanent collection, which includes pre-20th century European paintings, drawings, illuminated manuscripts, sculpture and decorative arts; …